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Raised access flooring for comms rooms, server rooms and data centres
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Typical Server RoomComms and Server Rooms

Generally these areas house sophisticated IT equipment where a high density of data cabling and services are converging and require frequent access to the floor void. A panel with a bonded integral finish is required here, normally vinyl or carpet. Bonded panels are designed for the rigours of constant lifting.

A panel with an integral finish means access to the void is much easier and quicker as there are no carpet tiles to lift to gain access to the panel itself.

A variety of different systems were used in the past. We have seen vinyl bonded panels 20 years old, cleaned and maintained properly, which are as good as new. Other systems, perhaps not bonded properly or with poor-quality finishes, certainly fair worse.

Vinyl Bonded PanelFor new floors or replacement floors, we recommend a Carrino Vinyl Panel. Vinyl is easy to clean and if properly maintained, will easily outlast carpet or laminate.


If you need work done to your existing comms room, look no further. Carrino can identify your system, supply replacement components and offer impartial advice on any Access Flooring issue. We carry out remedial works of any scope, from cutting a few holes to complete panel swaps. We keep components in stock at our warehouse and we are able to react quickly to your requirements.

Newly Installed Comms Room Floor using Carrino Vinyl Bonded Panels (click for larger image)     Newly Installed Comms Room Floor using Carrino Vinyl Bonded Panels (click for larger image)

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