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CAF600 in the workplace

CAF600 is a simple low cost access flooring system designed to meet the needs of the modern office at an affordable price. CAF600 is purposely constructed of non-metallic components, negating the need for electrical earthing.

At the heart of our CAF600 range is the Lignaped block Pedestal. Manufactured from high performance Lignacite concrete material, it easily out-performs more complicated and expensive alternatives. Coupled with the proven high density particle board panels it is a practical cost effective solution.
CAF 600 an exploded view

Office Grade 30mm panel
Suit voids from 25mm – 215mm
Excellent value raised floor for medium to small open plan areas in new and refurbishment projects. Used instead of dado, skirting, or screed trunking for maximum flexibility.
Medium Grade 38mm panel - Suit voids from 25mm – 215mm
Now a standard, a strong and durable system based on simple components providing 100% access at a remarkable price. Suits all open plan areas in new and refurbishment projects.
Office & Medium
Specially treated moisture resistant chipboard. For jobs that may be outside the guidelines for relative humidity levels or if the building will remain unoccupied for a considerable time.


As CAF600 but the panel is overlaid with a clear protective finish providing extra stability and more robust edges to the panel. CAF600ML is an excellent option if floor finishes are to be left to the prospective tenant, providing a let-able finish without suffering the substantial increased cost of steel encapsulated panels. Available in Office and Medium Grade.

Office &
Medium Grade
Suit voids from 215mm upwards

The functional strong and durable CAF600 panel supported by high performance zinc coated steel pedestals.

Carrino offer a full range of panel types designed to suit your specific loading and use requirements. CAF600 panels do not require steel laminate or edge protection and will meet BS5588 for voids up to 200mm. All panels are installed without the use of screw fixing which allows easy access to underfloor services.

Pedestal Cap
The pedestal cap is formed from resilient moulded polypropylene and performs two main duties within a CAF600 floor. It holds the levelling shims on the pedestal block and the cruciform locates the panels in position so that a 1mm gap is achieved. This spacing prevents panels abrading which eliminates creaking problems often found in other more complicated systems.

Robust polypropylene shims in 0.8mm & 3mm thickness provide fine level adjustment and are retained by the close fitting pedestal cap.

Block Pedestals
Lignaped block pedestals, supplied in 5mm height increments from 25mm-210mm, are spaced at 600mm centres and adhered securely to the structural floor with two-part epoxy resin. Constituent material is 10.5kn Lignacite concrete.

Specially developed two-part epoxy resin adhesive bonds pedestals to concrete or timber sub-floors.

Steel Pedestals
Zinc passivated corrosion treated steel pedestals can be supplied for voids over 200mm or where the client has a preference for steel understructure.

Steel pedestals with an appropriate height range are installed and then permanently locked to prevent movement throughout the life of the floor.