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Carrino Flooring have a large stock of access flooring components stored in our own warehouse. Centrally located in Bedford with easy access to the A1 and M1 we can supply your needs quickly and efficiently.

You may just want a few spares or maybe you want to carry out your own installation, we can help. We have 6,000ft² of warehouse space and carry £150,000.00 of rolling stock.

CAF600 - An exploded view (click to enlarge)

30 & 38mm chip board panels
Steel encased panels various grades
Finished panelsfactory-bonded panels in anti static vinyl or carpet Adjustable steel pedestals – high quality zinc passivated steel pedestals with full-size 20mm stems from 40mm void upwards
Caps to suit a variety of panels and pedestals Pedestal fixings – epoxy and mechanical fixings
Foil Tape – for taping cut panels 10mm Neoprene – self-adhesive gasket for perimeter panels
Sub floor dust sealer Loose vinyl tiles

Lifting tools – double cup suction lifters and Carrino lifting tool for bare board panels

We can also supply grommets, floorboxes, floor grilles, racks and rack mounting plinths.

Special finishes
– panels finished in timber, marble, granite, carpet, lino and HPL.

Matching service
– we will identify your existing system and source matching panels for spares or replacement parts.

Guidance on buying raised access floor components

The critical aspect of any access flooring installation is an accurate level survey of the sub floor. In particular concrete sub floors can vary a great deal in level across the room, as much as 50-60mm in the case of some pre cast planks. To get the raised floor in level you will need to know the quantity of pedestals you require at various heights to accommodate the variations in the sub floor. The quantity of pedestals required will depend on the shape of the room, the number of cuts and various other factors. In general however there are 3.2no pedestals per m2.

Most panels are based on a 600 x 600mm module, which equates to 2.78no per m2. Again this can be greatly affected by the size and shape of the room, in particular awkward shapes. The raised floor grid should be laid out to maximise cuts at the perimeter, therefore reducing wasteage and the risk of small cuts, which are difficult to prop up and have a reduced loading performance.

We will give you a cost to survey and quantify your floor if you wish.

For further guidance please give us a call, we will be happy to help.