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Access Flooring as used by the Romans!
What is Raised Access Flooring?

The cabling and cooling requirements of early mainframe computers led to the birth of Raised Access Flooring - in simple terms panels (which are normally 600mm square) supported at the corners with pedestals down to the structural floor. This creates an accessible under floor void through which cables, ventilation and other services can be run.

The increasing demands for flexibility and information technology in the workplace have brought Raised Access Flooring into offices, Police Stations, colleges, hospitals and many other environments.

Why do I need raised access flooring?

The office environment has changed in the way that employees work. These changes include fewer private offices, more open-plan workstations, more modular furniture systems, and more shared areas for project teams. Today’s office worker typically requires access to data cables as well as telephone and power outlets. All of these requirements and changes need increased flexibility and a strategy to reduce the rate of churn and the cost of continually reconfiguring offices.

Flexibile systems offer access to cabiling

Raised access flooring provides the answer by creating a fully accessible floor void in the room through which cables and/or ventilation can be run. Telephone, data, and power outlets can be mounted directly in floor panels, and these panels can be relocated quickly and easily for rapid reconfiguration.
Raised access floors are designed into new buildings and can usually be accommodated into existing buildings, built before the demands of the modern workplace, as part of a refurbishment project.

See our Products Page for the most suitable raised access system for your application.

Beneath the floor of a modern Comms Room